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Referral Letters
Letter of Referral #1

Dear Colleagues;
Surgical Services, Inc. (now with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation) has outsourced our medical billing to Ashdown & Associates, LLC since 1999. During this time, we have noted a marked improvement in every area of our billing system.

Our office is running at its highest efficiency ever. Our office staff works extremely well with our medical management company. Patient pay and co-pay collection has more than doubled, and our overall income has increased by 70%.

The success of Ashdown & Associates lies in their relentless pursuit to collect all monies owed us. They follow up on every claim, despite the amount, until the claim is completely resolved. I have personally never had to worry about hiring, firing, sick time, vacation time, training or retraining; nor have I had to invest in billing software or hardware.

Ashdown & Associates uses their own equipment yet allows me full access to all billing information via a satellite program they’ve set up in our computer. They have more than exceeded my high expectations for an outsourced medical management company. They are reliable, dependable, and men and women of integrity. 

I highly recommend Ashdown & Associates, LLC and welcome any questions concerning them.

William J. O’Brien, MD
Surgical Services, Inc. (now Cleveland Clinic Foundation)

Letter of Referral #2

Dear Colleagues,
Concord Chiropractic, Inc. has utilized Ashdown & Associates, LLC billing services for approximately two years now. During this time I have noticed a sharp increase in my insurance collections. This is done by their tenacious, bull-dog attitude to make sure the doctor gets paid for his/her services so that the bottom line can be increased through proper medical billing.
Ashdown & Associates is highly accessible and friendly to the doctor, staff and patients if questions arise. They are a real asset to my company. One thing the doctor doesn’t learn in school is proper billing procedures and policies in making sure you get paid. Being a good physician is one thing, getting paid is quite another. 

Ashdown & Associates have come through for me on a consistent, reliable and timely basis. I would highly recommend Ashdown & Associates, LLC to handle any and all your billing needs. I welcome any questions concerning them.

James B. Loncar, DC
Concord Chiropractic, Inc.

Letter of Referral #3
My husband’s medical practice inherited an office manager who was with my husband’s retired partner for over 20 years. We hired Ashdown & Associates, LLC to audit our company’s finances because we knew something was wrong, but we just didn’t know what.
Ashdown & Associates discovered that this office manager was embezzling money. Over a span of 4 years, this selfish, greedy woman embezzled over $1,000,000.00 of our family’s hard-earned money. After the office manager was hauled off to jail, Ashdown & Associates, LLC advised that I take over as financial officer. They made other recommendations, one of which included installing surveillance software on all our company’s computers. Since that experience, we have never had any problems with theft in any of our 3 offices.

In addition to these security measures, their billing system has made us more money than we’ve ever made before. Ashdown & Associates, LLC has been our consultant with billing, coding, software programs, security, and everything else we need. My husband and I are forever grateful to them. We highly recommend their services.

Karen Duffy, 
Financial Officer 

Letter of Referral #4

After 10 years with a group practice, I decided to venture out on my own.
For close to 9 months I tried handling the billing aspect of my business all on my own. I was so frustrated with what needed to be done that I finally decided to ask my colleagues if they could recommend a good medical management company. 

Not one of the first 4 colleagues I approached had anything good to say about the companies they were using. I finally ran into a fifth colleague who recommended I hire the company he uses, Ashdown & Associates, LLC. He had nothing but great things to say about them so I hired them on the spot.

Ashdown & Associates did everything he said they would, and more. They took care of everything I needed to successfully run my practice. They custom designed all my office forms (even took care of all my printing needs), set me up and got me credentialed with each and every insurance company I’m now networked with, patiently walked me through the billing process, got my office HIPAA compliant, and even sat with me on a Saturday when I needed extra help. 

After only 3 weeks with Ashdown & Associates, I received my first paycheck in 9 months! The truth is that initially I was not as diligent as I needed to be. Despite that, they patiently worked with me to help me build my practice. 
Thankfully, I’m back on track. I have a full staff working for me, including Ashdown & Associates, who are all working together to bring my practice to where I now know it can be. We’re not there yet, but we are well on our way.  

I recommend Ashdown & Associates to everyone I know because they helped me tremendously. When they asked me if I would write a testimonial I didn’t hesitate because I know they can do for others what they’ve done for me. I am forever grateful to them for their help.

Edmund Sadowski, MD
Edmund Sadowski, MD, LLC

**We provide more referrals upon request
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