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Are you kidding me? EHR systems costs what?

What's worse than a medical management software company? You guessed it. Nothing.

Listen, you've got to make up your mind that you're in a business, and cutting costs is crucial to your existence. Who could possibly afford the medical management systems that are being offered? Very few. 

We're in the medical management business, and software is crucial to what we need to do on a daily basis, but you better believe we're selective. The EHR systems that are currently being touted as the next "must have" software is putting many small practices out of business. Why? Because so many of you running your medical practices find it hard to believe that you can actually run those businesses without all the bells and whistles that many of these EHR systems offer.

The best EHR system out there is ... free. You heard it here. It's free, and it's good. It's been voted the best EHR system for the last 2 years, and it keeps getting better all the time Want to know what it is? Call me at 216-732-3003. I'll tell it like it is. 
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