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What Workers Want Most

A university in Minnesota surveyed 2 million bosses and workers, asking them to prioritize this list of what workers want most: 1) appreciation, 2) good wages, 3) interesting work, 4) help on personal problems; 5) promotions, 6) job security, 7) good working conditions, 8) management loyalty to the workers, 9) feeling in on things, and 10) tactful discipline.

Bosses  prioritized the "what workers want most" list this way: 1) good wages, 2) job security, 3) promotions, 4) good working conditions, 5) interesting work, 6) management loyalty to the workers, 7) tactful discipline, 8) appreciation, 9) help on personal problems, and 10) feeling in on things.

Workers prioritized the "what workers want most" list this way:
1) appreciation, 2) feeling in on things, 3) help on personal problems, 4) job security, 5) good wages, 6) interesting work, 7) promotions, 8) management loyal to workers, 9) good working conditions, and 10) tactful discipline.

A bit of a disconnect, would you say? What bosses listed as the top three desires of their workers were what workers listed as the bottom three. Does this mean that a boss should skimp on wages, job security, promotions, and the rest? Absolutely not. What it means is that you, as a boss, need to get to know your players.

What if the one reading this is a worker? Does any of this information really matter? You better believe it does. 

Not everyone is called to the top of the mountain. Some are called to influence (not manipulate) those at the top of the mountain. The Biblical Joseph was second to the Pharaoh. Joseph wasn't as rich as Pharaoh, but he was just as powerful because Joseph shaped and influenced the man who shaped and influenced the culture of a nation. 

No matter who you are or where you are positioned in the workplace, you can effect change either positively or negatively. Use your powers for good.
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