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Tough Love Shouldn't Be So Tough

You may think we're pretty tough on our clients, but you wouldn't believe the number of providers who have come to us on the verge of losing their business. Being tough on them is the best way we know that can save them from themselves and ultimately from bankruptcy.
Everything we talk about here is done because it's not only about you or me or the individual. It's also about all the people, the many, who depend on one another for the jobs any one business provides. A single business going down the tubes will take a whole lot of people down with them: employees, subcontractors, vendors and more. There's a lot at stake here, and we absolutely need each other's support and expertise not only to survive, but to thrive.

Our clients are like family to us. That's not a cliché. We recognize that our businesses are interdependent. We help make other businesses strong not only because we care, but because it ultimately strengthens our business, as well as many other businesses.
Often times, the topics we pick are done so not because we're really all that tough on others but because they're the issues we deal with, as well. Personally, I have to force myself to sit and listen to our accountant and bookkeeper, especially around tax time, because nobody wants to talk about taxes. That's life, though, and every business owner has to be up on every aspect of the business especially those jobs they've delegated to others.
I've said this before, and I'll keep on saying it because it has to be the the plumb line for every business: "yateer." Yateer means excellence. Do everything with excellence. Martin Luther King said, to this effect, "if you're a street sweeper, do it with excellence. Let all of heaven say that nobody sweeps streets like you."

Be an excellent provider and businessperson. Remember, you cannot provide great healthcare when you're out of business. Be an excellent boss because it is the right thing to do. Treat people well. Appreciate those who work for you, and let them know by showing them that you couldn't succeed without them. Give them the power to help prosper your business. Do it not only because it will encourage and uplift them, but it will make you stronger and happier.
Sometimes tough love is nothing more than bringing great ideas to the table of your client, and letting them believe they came up with it. Sometimes tough love is telling someone the hard things because you know that doing so will help them prosper. Sometimes it's sitting down with a client and letting them know that if they don't change their direction, they're going to lose their business. 

All the time, one hundred percent of the time, tough love is about truth, integrity, and excellence -- all the things that will help others move toward the infinite possibilities that are there for the taking. C'mon. Be excellent. You'll feel better.
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