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A sales rep comes into your office and tells you EHR is the way to go because of the federal money you'll now make as well as all the government penalties you'll avoid later. So far so good. What they won't tell you, however, is the real cost of their massively expensive system that doesn't even include the hardware, the licensing fees, the costly updates, the communications fees, the training costs, the training downtime, and the works. If you've purchased a system like this you already know. And believe me when I tell you that you aint seen nothing yet.
Let me update you on what's going on in the world of healthcare technology. Major companies have just announced (if you watch any financial news) that they will be utilizing cloud computing technology for their healthcare systems -- the "new" technology that we've been promoting for years.

The biggest issue with cloud computing has always been security so why are these healthcare software companies suddenly pushing cloud computing? Obamacare. Any nationally computerized network cannot work without cloud computing. These companies are now seizing the opportunity we've been pushing for years.

Let me interrupt myself and explain cloud computing. Steve Jobs (Apple) mastered the brilliant concept of cloud computing. Rather than install monstrous programs on our own personal servers or computers or phones like Microsoft required we do, Apple (et al) stores the information on their "cloud." The only thing we need to access these programs are apps (short for applications or mini-programs) or portals.

Confused? Think about online banking. Your bank stores all the information, and we use passwords to accesses the information through a portal or website or app.

For years, the A-number one, 100% totally free, best of the best web-based EHR system has been utilizing cloud computing technology coupled with high level banking security. Let me be clear. High level banking security means that the servers these cloud companies use are heavily protected (usually armed guards.) It doesn't mean these systems can't be hacked. That aside, web-based EHR systems will outperform every old school EHR system every time. 

Am I trying to talk you into the system we promote? Our job is to maximize reimbursements. We do that by increasing income (a guaranteed 20% when all things remain equal) as well as teaching providers how to decrease expenses. You may argue that the initial investment of $10K to $50K for an EHR system makes good business sense. We don't.
Are we against EHR systems? Just the expensive ones. We love our EHR system. If you're seriously considering one then seriously consider a web-based system. And if you're seriously into saving money, choose the best web-based EHR system that's 100% free. Before you make any decision, however, use wisdom and thoroughly check into the matter. Yes, you can thank me later.
Life doesn't have to be this hard. The best solutions are always the simplest ones.
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