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Life Is Renewable

Show of hands. How many of us have just been through one of the most tumultuous years ever? How many have been cheated and threatened more in 2014 than previous years combined? How many have experienced unimaginable highs along with unprecedented lows? How many have lost much in some areas, but gained much in others? You’re not alone.

The year 2014 is 5774 on the Jewish or Biblical calendar. The number 74 is ayin dalet in Hebrew. Ayin is the number 70 and dalet the numeral 4. Ayin, a picture of an “eye,” speaks of “seeing” and “vision.” Dalet (left), the picture of a tent door tied back, speaks of an “open door.” 

The open door of 2014 was open to both the good and the bad, thus the roller coaster ride many have experienced. The good news is that the door swings both ways. As you step into 2015, keep the door open to all the great stuff, but shut the door behind you on all the misery.

The way we hold onto or let go of anything in life is by what we see or focus on. We let go of the past by refusing to focus on it or speak about it. We hold onto the good by magnifying or focusing on the good then speaking the good. 

The year 2015 on the Jewish or Biblical calendar is 5775. Ayin, 70, seeing or vision and the number 5 is hey which speaks of a window, looking, hands lifted, beholding something great, reveal. 2015 or 5775 is, in a sense, a reminder to double our efforts on seeing. 

You will become what you behold. Whatever you focus on is what you will speak about. Words are seeds. Whatever you speak about will be what comes to pass.

Life is renewable. No single experience or mistake has the power to do you in. Not even a lifetime of horrific experiences, poor choices or horrendous mistakes has the power to defeat you unless you choose to give it that power. 

The great news for every day, every week, every month and every year is that life is so merciful that it never ceases to presents us with a “mulligan” or do-over. As miserable as some 2014 moments may have been, we have been presented with the opportunity to shut the door on those tumultuous times.

Life is renewable. Don’t you dare give up on life because the best is always ahead. 2015 and beyond will only get better when you learn to let go of the past and focus on the tremendous good that is right there in front of you. If you want a great life you’re going to have to learn to see through all the mire and muck to find the prize. Don’t look back. Don’t look to the right or left. Keep your eyes focused on the immeasurable blessings and the great destiny that lies ahead and you will have what you behold.
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