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Life Is The Prayer of Jabez

I know. I know. I did tell you, as you may recall, that 2014 was the year of the door. Not only were we given the privilege of shutting the door on the old, but we were empowered to walk through the door of 2015, the new. Well, that's my excuse for putting all of you on the back burner. The door swung wide open to so many amazing new things in 2015 that even I, the dreamer, have a hard time grasping all these wonderful blessings.

You may have heard of the Prayer of Jabez (above). Several years ago, Bruce Wilkinson wrote a well-known book based on this obscure Biblical passage. Jabez was mentioned only once in the Bible, yet the Prayer of Jabez became almost as popular as "WWJD" (What Would Jesus Do).

Several months ago, the Prayer of Jabez came to mind while I was driving. I kept hearing, "enlarge my territory." I never pondered that thought until then. Suddenly, I had an epiphany. Enlarge my territory simply means to dream bigger. If you want to accomplish more, dream bigger. If you want to go places that no one believes you could ever go, dream bigger. If you desire more, dream bigger.

Keep this in mind. The mother of Jabez expected nothing of him. She named him "Jabez" because giving birth to him was so painful. Despite being tagged a failure from the onset, however, our God is an equal opportunity God. He heard this simple, one line prayer, and it was so! God blessed Jabez, enlarged his territory, placed His Hand upon him, and kept him from harm. Amazing!

I continued to meditate on that prayer then earnestly prayed. "Place Your Hand upon me, Lord. Bless me. Enlarge my territory, and keep me from harm." And it was so! The door of 2015 swung wide open with a myriad of opportunities. Our business is multiplying exponentially; my screenwriting career is gaining momentum; my second book is near completion; my territory is being enlarged because the Lord has placed His hand upon me.

His Hand is upon me because I am in covenant with Him, my Maker, Creator, Someone Greater, and I have privileges that those without covenant do not have. That doesn’t make me better, just covenanted.

Life is the Prayer of Jabez. Get in covenant relationship with the author and finisher of all life. Let Him place His Hand upon you and imprint upon your heart the destiny He has for you. When those destiny images emerge, meditate upon them because your body can only go where your imagination has already been. See yourself prosperous and whole. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Life is the Prayer of Jabez. Keep it simple, but dream bigger. Words are seeds. Speak life if you want to harvest life. Ask God to place His Hand upon you, enlarge your territory, bless you, and keep you safe. And it will be so!
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