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Life Is Small Sometimes


(Photo by Pixabay)

You may know of Rick Warren, author of the popular book Purpose Driven Life. What you may not know is that the catalyst for the book’s popularity is its subtitle: What On Earth Am I Here For?

No matter who you are, each of us is searching for meaning in our lives. We all want to know: what on earth am I here for?

Someone recently asked me what message I want to send when I write. Without hesitation, hope. Regardless of what arena you’re in, people desperately need hope.

We all need to know that despite our horrific choices there’s hope for us. We need to know we are fearfully and wonderfully made, created for an awesome purpose. We need to know that we are uniquely gifted and talented, designed to complete the assignment that only we can complete; that we have a signature (or unique) sound and voice that no one else in the world has that will fix a problem that only we can fix; that we have an awesome destiny that has been planted as a seed inside each of us; that there is a reason for our existence; and, above all, we need to know that we are loved, truly, completely, and unconditionally loved.

Today, you may be unable to say, exactly, what on earth you’re here for. That’s okay because there are plenty of signposts along the way that will eventually give you your answer.

True passion, the kind of passion that is always burning inside you no matter what your head is telling you, will guide you on this remarkable quest. Sometimes, what you hate most is a neon sign pointing you to the mountain you’re supposed to conquer. You may be irritated by a matter simply because inside you is the blueprint for how that source of irritation can and should be done.

Having an awesome destiny doesn’t always mean having the biggest audience. Life is small sometimes. You don’t have to change the world. You're destined to change your world.

Perhaps your talent, gift and passion will impact only a few people. So? If that’s your assignment then that’s your assignment. Perhaps it’s your assignment for now. Who's to say what those few individuals might do with the impression you’ve made on them? Small isn’t less than great. Small is just different from big.

Life is small sometimes. Maybe your destiny has a big and grandiose audience, but maybe not. Maybe you’re called to the top of the mountain or maybe you’re called to push others to the top of the mountain. Maybe you’ll stand in front of kings or maybe you’ll be standing behind the one who stands before kings.

Life is small sometimes. Take the journey one step, one signpost at a time. You don’t have to know anything more than you are completely, unconditionally loved by Someone Greater who holds you in the palm of their Hand. Relax. Enjoy. One step, big or small, at a time.
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