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Life Is A Survival Strategy (Part 2)

(This calf was born on Rosh Hashanah, September 25, 2014, the first day of this current Shemita Year.

This photo has not been photoshopped.)

God is not gloom and doom -- people are. Our God is a God of love, hope and mercy, and it’s because of these awesome attributes that we are forewarned, just like the Pharaoh of Egypt was forewarned.

This goes against everything we’ve been hearing: “God is pouring out His wrath and is judging America and the nations!” The truth is that God the Father poured out His wrath on Jesus who willingly stood in our place. His New Covenant (the Good News) is God pouring out His mercy and love to all who will open themselves up to receive.

This doesn’t mean there will never be catastrophes. Catastrophic events are a surety because the law of sowing and reaping (cause and effect) is always in motion. When our government “sows” printed money into the economy and the Stock Market, we “reap” boom-bust cycles and bubbles that must burst. When the banks “sow” $10 loaned for every $1 deposited, we “reap” the implosion of our banking/financial systems. When we allow covetousness to be “sown” in our hearts, we will “reap” the demise of our culture.

The greatest challenge of the IBC program is a shift in our thinking. It is almost impossible to see ourselves without loans from banks or finance companies: mortgages (literally translated “death grip”); car loans; school loans; credit card loans, and more.

To survive this upcoming crisis, however, we must see ourselves as owners of our own banks, loaning money to ourselves from our own banks, and repaying ourselves those loans (plus interest) -- all within the whole life policy. Can you even begin to imagine the power of controlling your own money this way with a community of like-minded individuals (mutual life insurance companies)?

God’s survival strategy, through Joseph, was to begin first by unifying the land through the formation of community granaries (silos). Each granary would have an overseer who would take in 20% of the crops grown within that community.

I can only imagine, but judging by God’s other principles, this manager would give each farmer a contract (policy) that would have a cash value equivalent to the grain/crops (assets) brought into the community granary (mutual life insurance company). Grain/crops would be added for 7 years then withdrawn (if need be) after that. The farmer would earn interest on his policy (throughout its life) while also sharing in the profits (dividends) when the grain/crops (assets) were loaned out or sold to others (first to those in the community).

The farmers worked extra hard putting grain/crops into the community granaries not only for the interest and the profit sharing, but because those in the community who also put into granaries would be helped first, if needed. No one coveted the others goods because they had contracts with each other, and each had the same opportunity to earn interest and share profits.

Life is a survival strategy given by our God who is full of mercy. Ponder mightily.
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