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Life Is Fishing On The Right Side of The Boat

**Throughout the entirety of our journey, our goal is to recapture debt. To accomplish this task we must begin with a paradigm shift in our thinking. Instead of giving our hard-earned money to banks and financial institutions who use our money to gain wealth for themselves, we will bring our hard-earned into our own storehouse (becoming our own bankers) so that we can create our own wealth! This storehouse is a dividend-paying (participating) whole life (permanent) insurance policy set up properly (customized) by an  Infinite Banking Concept-oriented  broker through a reputable mutual life insurance company.

Simon Peter and several disciples fished all night, but caught nothing. Jesus, standing on the shore in the early morning, called out to them “Friends, haven’t you any fish?”

“No,” they answered, not recognizing that it was Jesus. (Photo by Pixabay.)

“Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some,” Jesus said. When they did, they were unable to haul in the net because of the large number of fish (John 21:1-6).

To gain financial freedom our primary focus will be to recapture debt. To understand the power of this principle we must begin with a paradigm shift in our thinking.

Let’s say the boat is you, and the water is the world’s money supply. The left side of the boat is the money coming into your life, and the right side is the money going out.

The smartest guys in the room tell us our wealth is found on the left side of the boat: salaries; pension plans (a thing of the past for most); 410(k) or 403(b) plans; rates of return on investments; stocks; mutual funds, etc. What about the right side of the boat -- the money going out? Sure, some will talk about budgets and getting out of debt, but have you ever been told you can control outgoing monies such as taxes, capital loss, loan interest, fees and service charges? I say it’s time we fish on the right side of the boat.

A dividend paying whole life (permanent) insurance policy set up properly by an Infinite Banking Concept-oriented broker through a reputable mutual life insurance company becomes your storehouse (bank) that allows you to control your outgoing money, thus recapturing debt: 

  1. Taxes -- your permanent life policy can be designed to grow your money tax free. You can also withdraw tax free via policy loans (liquidity) by using the cash value of your policy as collateral. You can also pass the insurance policy onto future generations (legacy) without paying income and state taxes -- no probate courts.
  2. Capital loss -- Any time you withdraw money from a storehouse that is earning compound interest, that capital loss drastically reduces your earning potential. A policy loan allows you to withdraw money without touching the policy’s capital.
  3. Loan interest -- Bank or finance company loans are re-paid with interest. You can borrow from your own policy, using your cash value as collateral, then pay yourself back (with  interest). 
  4. Service charges and fees -- Have an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Annuity, Mutual Fund? Check the fees you’re paying. (**Note: not all qualified plans have to fully disclose the fees charged.) You can avoid these fees as well as other service charges when you become your own banker using a dividend paying whole life (permanent) insurance policy set up properly by a reputable mutual life insurance company.

Life is fishing on the right side of the boat. Be willing to shift your paradigm. The fish are jumping on the other side.

**Note: I am not a financial guru nor a licensed insurance agent. I am not affiliated with Nelson Nash and the Infinite Banking Concept nor Alpha & Omega Financial Services (links below). I love to teach. Plain and simple.
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