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Life Provides A Safe Haven

**Throughout the entirety of our journey, our goal is to recapture debt. To accomplish this task we must begin with a paradigm shift in our thinking. Instead of giving our hard-earned money to banks and financial institutions who use our money to gain wealth for themselves, we will bring our hard-earned into our own storehouse (becoming our own bankers) so that we can create our own wealth! This storehouse is a dividend-paying (participating) whole life (permanent) insurance policy set up properly (customized) by an  Infinite Banking Concept-oriented  broker through a reputable mutual life insurance company.

In Jewish tradition, every 7th day is a Sabbath day and every 7th year is a Sabbath (or Shemitah) year. On the Sabbath, everything must rest: no buying or selling, sowing or reaping, etc. (Photo by Pixabay.)

During a Shemitah year, there is a rising, falling and shaking that begins on Rosh Hashanah (September 25, 2014), grows progressively more violent, then culminates on Elul 29 (September 13, 2015) where there is a complete wipe out of all the debts and credit of the financial accounts of a nation.

When we do the right thing, this is all a blessing. When the government prints monopoly money to buy bonds or when banks lend now close to 80 times more than what is deposited or when our government is $215 Trillion (actual numbers) in debt, the wipe out on Elul 29 is a catastrophic event of epic proportions.

Many claim this is God’s judgment against nations that have been utterly and completely fiscally irresponsible. In God’s Eyes, the way you handle money is a heart (moral) issue. We are given seed money so that we may plant wisely. Harvesting or reaping financial calamity is God’s judgement, in a sense, but only because it’s the consequence of the law of “seedtime and harvest” or “sowing and reaping” that He has set in motion. 

Though you may still want to argue that being wiped out is a curse for a nation, I promise you it is the mercy of God to eradicate this utterly immoral system that the irresponsible, greedy and inept have implemented to replace God’s system.

I don’t buy all this Shemitah stuff, you say. Let’s get more “real.”

About 70% of all economists believe the Fed will raise interest rates at their Wednesday, June 17, 2015 meeting. Others believe they will put it off until they meet on Wednesday, September 16, 2015. Yes, that’s the same week of Elul 29 (September 13, 2015), the final day of the Shemitah year.

The reason the Great Recession of 2008 did not turn into a full-fledged depression is because the Fed printed an unprecedented $4 Trillion in paper money. This monopoly money was used to buy  government bonds which drove bond prices higher and kept interest rates historically low. Unfortunately, most world economies followed suit.

These low interest rates have resulted in unimaginable corporate/banking profits, enabled the housing market to recover, and kept people employed. On the flip side, it has created a currency crisis and massive bubbles in the bond, stock and real estate markets all over the world.

When the Fed began raising rates in 1999, it triggered the Tech Wreck followed by a stock market crash that wiped out $5 trillion in invested wealth. In 2004, higher rates triggered the most devastating real estate bust, credit bust and recession in U.S. history. 

Many economists believe the Fed will have no choice but to begin raising interest rates in June.

Life provides a safe haven. Plant your money there. Please.

**Note: I am not a financial guru nor a licensed insurance agent. I am not affiliated with Nelson Nash and the Infinite Banking Concept nor Alpha & Omega Financial Services (links below). I love to teach. Plain and simple.

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