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Life Is America!

             God Bless America!

There's a scene in the Sound of Music when Captain Von Trapp sings the Austrian national anthem, Edelweiss, to his fellow countrymen. He weeps because the country he loves is about to drastically change.

After coming to power, Austria-born Adolf Hitler demanded Germany and Austria be united. Italian leader Benito Mussolini blocked this proposal until the two men developed closer ties. In 1938, Mussolini stepped aside as Hitler seized control of Austria until 1945 when Austria regained her independence.

On July 4th, Americans celebrate our independence from British rule. 

Independence Day is by far one of my favorite holidays. I treasure it because it reminds Americans that we are richly blessed because we have an inspired Constitution that secures our God-given right to be free.

Sadly, much like Captain VonTrapp, there are a great many Americans who have been weeping, grieved over the radical changes occurring in our precious nation. Even though these changes seem more pronounced more recently, they've been slithering into our culture for nearly a century. Call it liberalism or progressivism, they all fall under the umbrella of socialism.

Socialism is nothing more than the ideology that man needs to look to and depend on man to do for man what only God can and will do for and through man. This is why the U.S. Constitution is so unique. It acknowledges America's need for and dependency on God. It is based on the principle that only God can preserve our great nation. It is not a declaration of what man can do for God, but a humble, grateful response for what God has and will do for us.

There are those who spend a great deal of time bashing America. These haters are repelled by those who are proud of America’s greatness and exceptionalism. As despicable and detestable as this is, however, that’s the beauty of America. We not only have the freedom to speak our minds, but we have the greatest military in the world that defends that freedom.

I used to weep when I sang our national anthem, utterly distraught at how out of control, tyrannical, and overreaching our government has become. I cried even more at our current, self-centered, entitlement-minded, covetous generation. The unfathomable belief that any generation is entitled to the wealth of their neighbors or future generations is anti-American, unconscionable and immoral. This spirit of covetousness is spawned from that socialistic ideology that demands that other men do for us what only God can and will do for and through us.

Life is America! I still cry when I sing our anthem but now it's because I have a vibrant and renewed hope that God will again touch the heart of our nation. We will be born again! We will comprehend once again that we are blessed beyond measure. We will again allow God to restore us by filling our hearts with the knowledge that we have been given His greatest and most precious gift: freedom.
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