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Life Is Celebrating Heroes

                          Thank you, Veterans!

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends,” John 15:13. (Photo by

Our family has had its share of military duty. My Dad was a lieutenant in the Navy. Several uncles served, as well. My brother was a sergeant in the Air Force. One nephew is an ex-Marine, one niece is ex-Army. Three nephews currently serve in the National Guard while one niece is serving in the Air Force.

The Ashdowns would like to take this time to thank our American heroes, our Veterans and those who currently serve in the greatest military in the world -- the United States Armed Forces.

Our nation, as well as other nations, sleep well at night because of your presence and service. We are free because men and women like you have fought and even died for our freedom. You continue to fight to this day. The world has been transformed into a better place because of your sacrifice, and we salute you today and every day.

My older brother returned from service amid a climate of extreme hatred for our military. The 60's generation was hostile to those who went to war despite the fact that most were drafted, being told they had to go.

Whether one agrees with war or not is not at issue here because whether drafted or not, military personnel do not have the luxury of making that decision. It serves us well, as citizens who enjoy the benefits of what our men and women in the armed forces have afforded us, to appreciate their service and the gifts of life, freedom and liberty.

The reason some may have difficulty applauding the efforts of the finest military machine in the world is because those same people have not yet understood that the military adheres to a different set of rules, even a different set of Biblical rules.

Some will cling to a Bible passage like "Thou shall not kill" while neglecting to read that the same God honors the military. Yes, He honors our military, and the reason is very simple. Military men and women have a distinct role in this world. They have been given a mission, a mandate by God Himself to keep citizens safe. As such, they have been given the right to pick up the sword to protect us. We are very grateful for that right, and we sincerely thank the armed forces for their courage and bravery to carry out their God-given duty.

Life is celebrating heroes. To our military men and women: we honor you today and every day, as does God honor you ... always. We are grateful for your sacrifice; proud of the men and women you are! We are thankful for your protection; honor your devotion and commitment to America and to the world; and consider you the elite among all heroes.

Life is celebrating heroes. Today, we celebrate the greatest men and women in the finest armed forces in the world! Thank you, friend, for your willingness to lay down your life for me!
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