Ashdown & Associates, LLC - Transforming medical practices at the speed of light
     We Code. We Bill. We Coach. We Blog. We Inspire! 
                 We do what no other company does … 

  • We are ICD-10 certified coders.

  • We guarantee a 20% increase in your income for the first year as long as your patient load and services remain the same. If we don't come through, we will drop our rates by a full percentage point (1%) for one full year. Nobody else makes that claim because no one else can make that claim. We've never had to drop our rates!

  • No contracts (non-government providers). We don't work with contracts because our clients should always have the freedom to leave us if they're unhappy. We've seen too many providers held hostage by contracts -- we won't do that.

  • No set-up fees. We only make money when you make money. We only take a percentage of what we collect. Credentialing, coaching and the rest are all included in our full service package.

  • We give you our billing software. We've seen too many providers lose all their information because billing/management companies want to get even with a client who chooses to part ways. Our clients have our billing software and all their billing information on their computers so they will never lose any of their information.

  • We have 16 years of experience in practice management. We continuously and successfully optimize cash flow, reduce claim rejections, minimize overhead, increase income, and significantly improve our clients' bottom line.

  • We use our unique, time-testedMedical4Profit® billing system. This system effectively maximizes reimbursements, improves productivity, converts services to cash, and increases profitability. We offer a full range of medical coding expertise, medical billing, third party claims follow-up services, coaching, auditing, EHR transitioning, and EHR software technical support -- all tailored to fit each client's individual needs.

  • We get it. The success of every healthcare practice depends on the heart of the practice: your finances. I know what you're thinking -- isn't patient care the heart of it all? Patient care, though obviously of critical importance, is the service you provide. Yes, you must have a great product but we realize that our job is to strengthen the financial aspect of your business so that you can continue to "sell" patient care.
What's wrong with my in-house biller/billing department? You pay them $8 to $12 per hour, for one, so they aren't motivated to improve your bottom line. In fairness, most in-house worker bees wouldn't even know how to improve your bottom line. Unfortunately, they're not interested in your bottom line.
Really, what's wrong with an in-house biller/billing department? Sick pay, holiday/vacation pay, taxes, social security taxes, 401(k) plans, medical insurance versus subcontracting, thus expensing your outsourced billing/management company who get paid according to what they collect for you. Shall I go on?

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